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The Broken Parent  
Look at me here,
Up on my shelf,
The sun shining in,
I'm proud of myself.

Unless you look closely,
You barely can see;
The small imperfections,
All over me.

My pieces were strung,
It seemed everywhere;
Some even made it,
To a place called nowhere.

I gather small pieces,
With each step I take,
A good reproduction,
I'm hoping to make.

The work is so hard,
The going is slow;
I get tired and worn,
And feeling so low.

And I know all the pieces
Will never be found,
But I will keep looking,
I will stand my ground.

As piece by piece,
A new me I'm making,
Up on my shelf,
continuously faking

1st Birthday in Heaven (20 years Old)  

"July 5th"
Your Birthday was spent with family and a few of your friends. And though it was not the same as if you were here, there was still lots of love in the memories we all shared. As I watched each balloon as they floated out of sight I prayed Thanks to the Lord for giving me such a beautiful boy to share my life. I wish I could have heard you say "so mom what are your buying me; you know it's my Birthday. I can just go shopping; that is if you want. All I need is for you to drop a little cash down on me". This year is the big 20 no more teenage years for me, and just like I promised you I would I delivered on that High School Diploma, so I believe this puts me in line for some extra don't you think. Forever words to my ears.
I can't even begin to say how much I miss you; not seeing you on your Birthday is just so painful for me. I can't even imagine how or why this had to happen to us. I only know how much I love you and how July 5th will never again be the same day for me that it was.

I Love you,


Halloween & Memories
Halloween around here means the begining of Horrow Hill Matt's sister Jenn has worked there since she was 14.  It's little spook trail back in the woods that is quite poplar around here.  A couple of years ago Jenn started pretty much facilitating the event and of course she recruited her brother.  He wanted to work there he really did "no let me back up he wanted to hang there and he always did". 

I remember when he was quite small around 7 or 8; (okay he was always a baby to me and seemed small) well to tell the truth it was both 7 & 8.  Matt was such a scaredy cat of everything when he was little; he would beg all day lets go lets go lets go and we would. But as soon as we got there and let me say he knew every spook by name and at which location in the the trail that they worked. But you would never know this by the way he acted.  Of course his sister was a tour guide and would radio the spooks in the woods that her brother & mom were entering the trail and they would immediatly charge us with chain saws and lots of scarry sounds would be screaming from the woods; and Matt would go crazy he would jump on both my feet with his, wrapping both his arms around my leggs placing his face in between my knees and scream at the top of his lungs mom get me out here.  His sister would tell him Matt stop being such a baby and he would look at us both and cry and scream "I'm a baby I'm a baby I'm a baby now get me out of here please". I would finally have to pick him up and carry him through the rest of the trail with him screaming please tell 'em to stop, please tell 'em to stop!

The very first year he worked there one of his sister friends took him to where he would be working and gave him his mask and he was so afraid of his mask they had to lead him back out of the woods.  He did out grow being so afraid and worked at Harrow Hill several years.  Last year he decided it would be easier on him and his sister if he just went every night instead of working so that's what he did.  He would call his sister every night and say hey fix me some chilli cheese dogs I'm on my way.  Right towards the very end of horrow hill he got a call from his sister telling him Matt hurry up and get down here there is someone here I want you to meet.  He was like "tell me who, tell me who" she said it's Jamial Dupree and Little Bow Wow. Him, Scott and Chubbs (Greg) went running out the front door saying we'll be right back mom going to Horrow Hill.

He came home smiling like so hugh saying mom your not going to believe who I just meet, Jamial Dupree and Little Bow Wow.  He took pictures on his cell phone that he use to show every one.  Holloween Night I'll remember forever I took the girls trick or treating and when I got home he came running out of the house going mom mom someone egged my car tonight.  I'm going swing on em I sware I'll break this class ring in on someone's face you know I will.  I started laughing and said son did you wash your car so it doesn't hurt your paint he said yeah I went and got Scott and we went to Hemricks and washed it off.  
I miss all the silly nights and how everything was so major; 
Matt I'll miss you forever.

The Matthew Mullis Memorial Foundation Presents The 1st Annual MudBog  

Please feel free to contact Jennifer at: (770) 252-4294, 
or by email:

All Benefit Proceeds will go to the yearly Matthew Mullis Scholarship Fund;
 and in asisting the Coweta County Sheriff's Department with the purchase of a P.R.I.D.E Program Simulator 
(Parents Reducing Incidents of Driver Error) 
For further information regarding the P.R.I.D.E. program you may do so at:

The Matthew Mullis Memorial Foundation was started by Matthew's sister Jennifer Mattingly refered to by him as my sister (Jenn).
Jenn your brother would be so proud of you.  You have made all of us proud of you.

Though I am aware my efforts and continued hard work will not save the life of my sibling; I am hoping that it will yours. Automobile accidents claim more lifes than any other cause of death amoung 16 to 20 year olds world wide.  "This is why I ask you please make a donation to the Matthew Mullis Memorial Foundation" and help in reducing the % of deaths each year amoung our teens. 
You may do so directly at any Bank of Coweta located in Newnan, GA or my mail to the Matthew Mullis Memorial Foundation Attn: Jennifer Mattingly 25 Wilkes Ct. Newnan, GA 30263
"Don't let the next knock be at your door.

Since you've been gone!  

Mother's Day Wish from Heaven  

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