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I Miss You!  

They say memories are golden,
Well maybe that is true.
I never wanted memories,
I only wanted you...

In The Field across the Road  

She is awakened by the sound of thunder, a rumble that shakes her foundation. She feels a sense of fear come over her as she tries to gather her thoughts. Her instincts tell her to stay inside where it is safe, but with her heart pounding, she is drawn to the door.

She cautiously opens the door and in an instant, lighting strikes.
The white hot heat plunges straight through her heart.
A flash of light so bright, so hot that it takes her breath.
Unable to withstand the pain, she is driven to the ground.

Convinced she has lost her life, she prays for God to give her the strength to pull herself up. Slowly as she regains consciousness, she realizes that she has lost her sight. What was once a life filled with colors is now seen through her eyes as only, murky grays and harsh black and white.

As days go by, with no comprehension of why, she finds herself in a field across the road. It is filled with flowers. Little bouquets placed ever so carefully, as if for a reason. But all she can see is a dull landscape of black and white.

She wonders if she will ever see anything bright and colorful again in her life, she wanders aimlessly through the field. As she walks along, there under the big pine tree, she finds what she had been searching for. That what had been lost. Among the rows of colorless pail flowers she sees, one bouquet. In all it’s glory, as if the heavens had opened up. One bouquet so bright, so brilliant, so colorful.

This is where she was meant to be. The one thing she longs for. Everything else in her life remains dark, except for the one brilliant, colorful bouquet in the field across the road.

Now she visits everyday, life’s one colorful spot. Like a school girl, she waits for tomorrow. One more chance to see her beautiful bouquet, in the field across the road.

Written by:
Paul Ragsdale

His Heart  

From the very beginning I saw a new Matthew one full of love and hope. He began acting different sweeter, his face a total radiant smile almost all the time. He was finally confident in who he was and who he would become. He met the girl that would steel his heart forever he was in total LOVE. This sweet girl is Hannah to her he gave his most prized possession HIS TRUE LOVE AND HIS HEART! ! 

In Loving Memory Of Matt Tattoo's  

Matt's Sun           &              Hook

"Mom's Son & Sun"

God's Promise

I recently read in one of the many books on grief that the beauty of the"sun" is God's promise to us that life does not end at death. . . Reading this gave me so much hope, I felt it was a sign; a sign that my son's life did not end that morning but that he lives on. . . I don't really know why I got a sun that day it just came to me and I did it.  My tatt was free hand drawn I got it in the same parlor that Matthew had gotten his, the lady that did my tatt also drew it.  I remember she was gentle and kind as she too knew the pain of death. . .

I have learned to be open spiritually through the loss of my son.  I know that he is still with me and that his spirit does live on.  He sends me the most loving signs at the most perfect moment.  I know that he still protects me and loves me.  I know that our bond has not been broken...

My tatt is one of those perfect gifts sent to me from my son... I wasn't sure of it's meaning that day but I knew by the strong emotion that was flowing over me that day that it was more than just a tatt, and that when it was time for me to know he would show to me it's real and true meaning. And he did on September 23, 2009 he finally revealed the meaning of the SUN to me.  And once again his timing was perfect... I am blessed by a bond so strong, and love so prue. There is no one that can ever take that from either of us.  We both have the mark of God's promise.  I want let any one stand in the way of me seeing my son again. Those of evil, lies and dishonesty will never be able to touch us or break our bond.  No matter what they do no matter what they say, they are all alone.  I am protected by truth and the love of my son.....

Jenn \ Sissy

"Paul \ stepdad"

"Chase \ brother"

"Joseph / brother"

Scott Baker "Matt's Best Friend"     Carmine Garrett "Cuz"



Alex Faith
Best Friend

                         Uncle James   


Tiffany / Cuz & Best Friend

Josh Cheatam / Best Friend

Peyton / Best Friend

Matt's Sun  
His sun was his first tattoo he got it when he turned 18. He had told me since he was a little boy "Mom as soon as I turn 18 I'm getting a tattoo" though I begged him not to that's exactly what he did.

I will always remember you.  

Remembering You Your time on earth seemed all too brief because 
I wanted you in my life forever. 
And although I really miss you, in my heart I know that you are at peace. 
Still, countless times throughout the day I find myself remembering you. 
Although I cannot see or hear you, I know that you are with me. 
I'll feel you in the warmth of the summer sun. 
I'll see you in the brilliance of autumn leaves. 
You'll be beside me in the peacefulness of a gentle snowfall and rejoice 
with me at the emergence of the first flowers of spring.
 I'm thankful 
for the times we shared and the 
priceless memories too; 
for those memories are a comfort
 now when I lovingly - Remember You. 
In Loving Memory of Matthew Mullis

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