Matthew Mullis
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His legacy
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Matt's Green M&M  

Stick'em up!  

Matt's Right Hook!  

The right hook was his second and last tattoo. This one he got while on vacation with Hannah, Scott, Tyler, Beth and I believe Alex to. He use to walk by me and say "Mom don't let that right hook get ya!"
We love You  

Forever Lives in our Hearts  

He will forever live in the hearts of those who love him.  Through the memories, the smiles,  the laughter and the tears he shall never be forgotten. 

Matt's myspace

The above link will take you to a myspace that was created by a friend of Jenn’s. Jennifer has taken over hosting the sight she has allot of sweet pictures there as well. So please go by and leave Matt has many comments as you like. It is through your comments that we now survive.
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