Matthew Mullis
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Matt and Hannah are together every single day, and Scott too. Like most young couples who spend so much time together they do occasionally argue. When you’re young (1) argument a month feels like everyday. They are truly a beautiful couple. They have so much in common I see them as being together forever. Matthew is working so hard in school and for the first time has made honor roll. He seems so grounded now; he is rarely ever not at home. Our relationship as mother and son is almost perfect. With all children you have to leave room for error, but he talks to me and Paul about everything. He doesn’t seem to want secrets. He is in absolute love. He is also crazy about being and uncle and spends allot of time with the girls. He and his sister are going through a few growing pains mostly out of jealousy and the need to over protect each other. I watched Matthew go through it when Jennifer first married Jimmy and now Jennifer with Hannah. Things you know will come to pass. Matthew calls me at work almost every hour mom when will you be home, mom can you bring me Scott and Hannah something to eat. I still see him sitting on the foot of my bed every morning explaining to me why he needs more money today than yesterday. He and Hannah experienced they're first real breakup this year, and it's killing him. At first he thought he could do it, but as the days pass the signs of hurt began to show. He was sad every day that they were apart. We sat together and had many conversations regarding love, relationships, and breakups. After about the 3 week he was beginning to believe it would be final and he heard she was seeing someone else. To retaliate he as well started seeing someone else. I never meet her until the day after Matt's accident and even then I never really got to know her. You could look at him and tell he hated being away from Hannah and he was really hoping it would not be for long. It was probably the first time since my son was born that I wasn't able to comfort him or make it better. Then I began to see the return of friends that for one reason or another he had removed from his circle, along with some I had never seen before. He was still remaining at home but the number of other kids here with him had really grown. Like any mother I began to really worry. He was still striving in school and still passing his classes even his night ones, so I did at least have the comfort of knowing he wasn't just giving up. But his heart was broken, very broken. He missed Hannah so badly. He would make some comment or the other about her every day. November 9, 2007 he called me and said he was going to see his dad so that he could tell him he needed his money. His dad was just returning from out of town and Matthew over the last year or so had become quite bothered by the fact that his dad wouldn't pay his child support. When I got home from work that night I saw that he had gotten his dads car which was a BMW Z3 convertible, for some reason I use to get the sickest feeling every time I saw Matthew driving that car. I guess because I knew the car was fast and I knew my son was fearless, regardless I hated for him to drive that car. I sat on the couch November 10, 2006 and I watched him get ready for school he looked so sad, that I just broke into tears, I remember him sitting down beside me saying mom please don't cry, I told him Matthew I'm so worried about you son, you seem to be going in a million directions but yet doing nothing, he put his arms around my neck and kissed my check and said mom here it is, I swear before God I will Graduate this year and I've meet a girl her name is Chelsea she's not Hannah by no means but I hope that Hannah will find out and come back to me. I felt so bad for his pain and tried to explain to him that just as falling in love was apart of life so was breaking up. He turned around and quickly said well if she doesn’t come back good for her, she's going to loose the best thing she's ever had, and if she does come back good for me because she's the best thing my life has ever seen. After he left I just sat there and cried I just didn't want to see him go backwards after all his hard work, mostly I was just afraid something was going to happen that for Matthew would be of no good. He called me that afternoon to tell me he was going to the football game at East Coweta so he might not be home when I get there. He was and he had a few friends with him, some I knew some I did not. I ask him if he was going to congratulate Paul and I since it was our 5 year anniversary. He made some silly remark and went to his room. I went into my office and sat down at my desk when here he come putting his arms tightly around my neck he said woman do you know how much I love you, I said I love you more, he made a funny sound and said wrong answer, and again said woman do you know how much I love you, this time I said no son how much he leaned over and kissed me and said I washed your dishes today and smiled one of his famous huge smiles. He had gone to the orthodontist that day and said he had to go back on Monday he was finally going to get his braces off. I ask him if by chance he had spoken or tried to speak to Hannah and he just sadly said no she want even look at me, she's dating Nick Copeland and when I see him; I immediately cut him off and told him you do not blame those you and Hannah place in the middle it's not their fault. He just made his normal little frustrated sound and went back into his room. Later while Paul and I were sitting on the couch we watch him walk from his room to the kitchen getting drinks for his friends as even more began to arrive, finally he just came out and said hey guys I'm having a party tonight, Paul got up from couch went immediately out side and when he returned I ask him what he was doing and he said I moved my truck behind Matt's dad's car because if he's having a party I do not want him to drive. I felt so touched by my husbands concern and love for my son or I guess I should say Paulina's concern and love; Matthew never called Paul anything except Paulina. Paul had been so good for Matthew the two of them had really became very close over the last two years. Matthew seemed to respect Paul’s opinion over everyone’s. Finally around 10 PM Paul and I decided to go to bed so I called for Matthew, when he came into the room I told him we are going to bed please behave and make your friends behave, he got almost back to his bedroom when I yelled hey come back here and kiss your momma, he turned around came over to me and placed his check against my lips and I kissed him. I went to sleep that night with not a clue that I would never see my son again. The sound of his laughter would sing me to sleep for the last time. At 3 AM I heard a knock at the door a loud knock so I got out of bed and when I opened the door there stood two officers, I immediately assumed the kids must have gotten loud and the neighbors have called the police, but as the officer entered my house he ask me if I by chance had a son I told him yes, he ask me if his name was Matthew Mullis I said yes, he said will you please sit down I said no and why are you here, he said Matthew has been in and accident and has died from wounds he sustained in the accident, I said your wrong Matthew is here, and my husband blocked in his car so he could not be driving. He ask me to go out side and see if I saw the vehicle, but as soon as I opened the door I saw Paul’s truck sitting parked on the side of the road, Matthew had came in our room took Paul's keys and moved his truck. I remember falling to my knees and screaming for my son. Paul heard me screaming and came running out of our room and all I could say was my son is dead my son is dead. I was told he had been sent to the local hospital but that he had died on impact. I called the hospital and was told he was at the coroners; I called the coroner’s office and was told that I could not see my son. Then the shock set in, and no one understood I needed to see my baby, I held him when he came into this world and I needed to hold him now, but I was refused. Later that afternoon my parents drove me to the funeral home to make arrangements for my son's funeral, and there again I begged to see my son and again I was told no, I just became belligerent I need to see my baby and no one understood, I needed to hold him in my arms. I would not be allowed to see my son until the following day at the viewing, I was the first to see him I ask that no one else be allowed in until he and I had a private moment. Dear God my son in a casket his skin so cold, his lips so swollen, his nose now made of wax, I laid nearly on top of him I ran my fingers through his hair and I felt from one side of his head to the center the largest cut and stitches I have ever felt. I placed his class ring on his finger, and immediately noticed that a couple of his other fingers were clearly broken. Matthew had a phobia about being embarrassed, and as I kissed his entire face a calmness I have never felt before seemed to roll down me like a shield. I hardly remember the next few days’ hell I hardly remember the last 6 months. I do how ever remember I will never again hear the sound of my baby's voice, and that I will never again feel his arms around my neck, or be allowed to kiss his cheek. I found a poem written by Kelly Cumming that clearly said it all to see my son perched above a grave, placing a final kiss upon that box and having to turn and walk away. I do not know if I will survive, I do not know yet if I can bare life without my son. I do know however while for me the world has completely stopped but that for others it continues to move. This is end of my son's life Matthew now only lives in the hearts of those who truly loved him. Dear God have mercy on my broken heart and the soul of loving son.

The End!


Matthew got his first job this year and is working for my youngest brother, let me rephrase it is not the first job he's ever gotten; but it is the first job he has ever actually reported to work as scheduled. He did help Tyler's dad one summer but only for a brief moment. Nancy took Hannah and Matthew to New York this year for spring break and Matthew really did love it. He would call me almost every hour and each time I could just hear the excitement in his voice. He keeps asking me my opinion on being home schooled, and I keep trying to avoid the conversation because I know where he trying to go and it's not what I want to hear. So each time he brings it up I just ask him who's going to teach you because you can't teach you’re self and I can not think of anyone with the ability having the time because of work. But finally he just comes right out and tells me mom I quitting school, so as hard as it is for me I tell him fine do what your going to do but I don't like it and if that’s your choice you have to work. After a very short time of working outside in the heat of summer he comes in a proceeds to say he's not going to do that kind of work his entire life, and as calmly as I can I look directly at him and say oh but yes you are, and I explained if you quite school your going to have no choice but work and with no education you'll have to take what you can get instead of getting what you want. This was probably the first time I ever truly saw concern in my son's eyes. He did not say another word but as the start of school was getting closer he begin to change his mind. My dad took a ride to the job sight one day right as Matthew was finishing for the day and ask Matthew to take a ride with him. I remember Matthew saying he at first was a little scared, he was like mom I had no idea what Granddaddy wanted but I knew it was serious. I said yea well what did he say, and with a smile he said Granddaddy told me I had to go back to school that J&J Grading would be there when I finished if I still wanted to work for them then I could. But that it was important for me to have and education so that when I do have to work I can have a choice in the work I do. Pure music to my ears. And with Hannah teaching Matt it was his best year ever. He actually passed and received credit in all his classes this year. He got his first tattoo this year aside for the crooked initials that Scott put on his shoulder a couple of years prior. He had the sun placed on his back right between his shoulder blades. Though I really never wanted him to ever have any tattoos it wasn't so bad and he seemed to really like it. His Nana bought him a 2000 Red Mustang this year that his sister got the privilege of picking out. Jimmy Matt's brother in law immediately replaced his factory wheels with a set of low profile wheels that Matt really liked. Paul wasn't to excited that Matt was being given another car right after he had just bought him the Land rover he had to have. But it was what it was, Matt wasn't thrilled with it either, when my car broke he tossed me the keys and said here drive my car I don't car I'll ride with Hannah. Quite the opposite from his sister whom you could be making her car payments and she wouldn't let you drive her car. I drove his car for and entire month and he never said one word. But in the end I made it worth his while by taking his car to circuit city and having a new complete system and speakers installed. He was smiling that night and I remember enjoying every moment of it. Though it wasn't long before he decided he would sell the Mustang and find himself something he liked better. Strangely enough the girl he sold the Mustang to was a Mullis as well; they were of no relation but had the same last name. He thought that was to wild. My baby isn't to much of a baby any more he seems to be getting bigger everyday. He lifts weights everyday anyway and has for some time, but now he seems to be getting taller and fuller. Quite the good looking man he is becoming, and so in love with his girl friend Hannah that it just blows me away. She seems to fit right in with our family, and is quite a beautiful girl. I love to sit at my desk and watch the two of them play in our front yard they play foot ball, baseball, basket ball and soccer, and when we put up the volleyball net they played that too. Hannah was quite good at sports, she even played for the High School, Matt loved to go and watch her he was for sure her biggest fan. He has recording of her volleyball games on his computer. They would be in his room laughing most of the time. She had done what no other girl in Matt’s life had been able to do she had tamed my son. Now he was satisfied to just be at home with her, and Scott of course. Because of this I was able to spend two of the best years with my son that I could have ever hoped for. Our home was filled with teenagers most of the time which drove my husband crazy at times, but for me I wouldn’t have changed a thing. It was wonderful waking up every morning and not having to worry about where my son was or what he was into because he was here. I was sure with this arrangement I could keep him safe. He really played some great baseball this year, hit another couple of home runs which were a life time dream for him. He loved playing base better than any one I know. Matt’s sister Jennifer now has two daughters and Matthew is the best uncle possible he loves those girls and they love him. It’s so sweet watching him play with them and do for them. He and Hannah spend allot of time showing love to those girls, it really makes my heart glow. But lets face it Matthew makes my heart glow  and always has.


Matt turned 17 this year 2004, and finally got his drivers license. Paul went and bought Matt his first car a Black Landrover Discovery. We took Matt to drive it and to make sure it was what he wanted right before we bought it, and of course at that moment he loved it. I road with him while he drove downtown Atlanta for his first time while bringing his Landrover home. He was so excited a huge smile gleamed from his face. His landrover was a 5-speed and at that time Matt had very little experience driving a stick. But all in all he did a great job. That weekend we left for our weekly vacation to Hilton Head Island, this time it was Tyler that accompanied us. Matt and Tyler had a great time they made allot of videos which even I was allowed to see. Of course this was the beginning of dents for Matt's Landrover, see he would have it no other way but for him and Tyler to drive he wanted to have his car while there this year. Paul and I agreed to let him drive so he followed us. Matt never road on a vacation with us again from then on he drove his car and followed. Of course the first night that we arrived Matt and Tyler after we went to bed decided to take a drive, while Matt was trying to back out of his parking space he cut his tire way to sharp and caught the front of his car on a piece of landscaping which scraped his car from the front bumper to the back. He didn't tell us what had happened not surprising to me at all, but as Paul and I were about to leave to pick up breakfast that morning we were admiring Matt’s truck and WOW! There it was the dent that could have made history. I went back inside and said Matt what happened to your car; he immediately started crying which as I have said many times Matt's tears and not to mention his mouth can make you wish you had not even brought it up. But in and effort to try and teach him some responsibility Paul decided he would make Matt pay for the repair. “Not” ; that truck is still dented today. Matthew meet Hannah this year and everything about him began to change. He started staying at home all the time, and Hannah was there too, which was not the usual for Matt. He hardly ever brought a girl here, or at least while I was home. They would see each other every single day after school, and the entire weekend. I couldn’t believe it at first but all you had to do was look at him he was in LOVE.


Matt turned 16 this year but because he is failing in school due to his continuous skipping he will not be allowed to get his driver license. Not to mention the thought of him driving makes me a little worried. I have to worry so much about him now. Alex is living with us still; the two of them have been grounded for almost what seems like a year. They drive me crazy; but I love them anyway. Matt seems to have a different girlfriend every day, so many that I can't keep up with them. He and I have had several talks about you know life, and the things that can happen when you’re so active. He thinks I'm so funny and makes fun of me when I'm trying to be serious. I hadn't planned on being the one to have to have these talks but as with life things change and so tag I'm it or at least for Matt I am. Let’s see if I can remember all of his friends Alex, Peyton, Will, Scott, Josh, Tyler, Little Chris, Chris Brown, Julianne, Jeremy, Ryan, Stevie, Jaron and Jessie. I give up I can't there are way too many. His best friends are Alex, Peyton, Will, Scott, Josh, stevie, Tyler and Little Chris these guys are together always. I would open Matt's bedroom door in the mornings and there they all would be in the bed on floor every where. Matt's room is the bigest mess you have ever seen. We plan to buy new furniture this year so I'm really on him to clean his room. He and Will seem to be getting in trouble all the time there is forever someone’s mom calling me about they're son spending the night here, and it always seems to be a night when Matt is spending the night with Will. Me and Will's mom get alone quite well she like me understands there is no one else to blame for what our son's due but them. But don't get me wrong it worries me so bad when I don't know where he is, so to put and end to this I make the final rule Matt can no longer spend the night any where period. And he doesn't at least until he meets Hannah. He has plenty of spend the night company he doesn't spend the night any where but here. This way I can get some sleep and know where my son is. We live in the woods, so the boys are safe here they can make noise and there is no one to complain, but my husband of course. But he's adjusting. I went to Mexico this summer and left Matt in the care of his sister, of course it was several years later that I found out this is the summer Matt, Alex and Will almost went to jail. Apparently Jennifer allowed them to go to the parking lot where all the kids hang out while she was with her friends or something to that effect, when she gets a call from her brother on his cell telling her she better come and get him. She said she jumped out of her car and told Matt and the boys to get in when the police officer told her that they needed his parents she said she let in with, oh my I'm his sister his parents are out of town, and I’m responsible for him this week. Finally the officer agreed and let the boys go with her or at least Matt and Alex I'm not so sure about Will, I think his mom had to come and get him. Turn you back for one moment and these boys will get ya. They are 100% boys nothing funny about these guys they can get into some s_ _t!!! Now looking back I would not have changed a thing about them. They consumed my life, and gave me so much to laugh and smile about. I'm absolutely crazy about them all. Matt took it upon him self to quite summer school this year and did not tell me of course. It would be a few years later that this would come to light. But as all things do this one surfaced on him too.


Still going through a few growing pains. Matt and Alex are spending so much time together you would think these boys were brothers. The things they can get into will at times make you crazy but for the most their pretty good kids always scheming up a plan. Matt is barely getting by in school and of course he will have to attend summer school as well. His baseball skills are just getting stronger each year. He loves to ride his 4-wheeler and has a motor cycle now as well. He's so sweet to all of his step brothers and sister; it never seems to bother him for them to be around at all. In fact he is the most generous when it comes to sharing. Of course he still spends allot of time with his sister that's a given with the two of them. The sweet boy I remember is slowly coming back around. We started remodeling our house this year, we added on bedrooms for the other kids and a garage. Matt really is beginning to love where we live. We dug a pool that is right out side Matt's bedroom window and are planning to build a huge deck. We added a door that goes out to the pool in what use to be Matt's bedroom but is now my office. It is now used as and entrances to Matt's room his own little world. He still rides the bus to my mom's every day and I pick him up when I get off work. This is when Matt and I have our alone time and our private talks. He is a lot like his sister he will tell you pretty much everything that he feels or that he up to. I really enjoy these times and with our new added family there isn't allot of just he and me time. We went to Hilton Heard SC for vacation this year and Matt took Peyton. They appeared to have had a great time. Paul and I took them to the Sea Pines on Friday and they went to the Salty Dog, and a few other shops. During the day they just roam around the Island on rental bikes. The two of them together is so very silly. They seem to have a saying for everything and every body. Little jokesters are what I call them. They say things like "Oh Really", and they make up rap songs that are "to cute". Paul and I can't stop laughing at the two of them. Tight little dressers for boys there age; from head to toe they have the best of clothes and don't forget the shoes. Matt is a true to his shoes kind of boy. Got to have the best shoes and allot of them; Peyton seems to be the same way. He and Matt dress just a like. Matt and Peyton would remain close friends until the end. I don't recall them ever having a fight. They were loyal to each other always looking out for the other no matter what. Peyton's is about the only place Matt is allowed to spend the night.


This for me and Matt this was probably our toughest year, with all the testosterone that is now flowing through his veins. And oh my! his feet really stink so bad that they will make you sick. We have all of his shoes lined up on our front porch. I have to wash them every other day just so we can ride in the same car. It seems all Matt and I do are fight these days, but the road he wants to take just isn't written in my plans. I look at him and wonder where my son has gone. He is so angry all the time. Paul and I got married this year and this was quite and adjustment for the two of them as well. It takes but a minute for me to find out that there was no way I could even think of allowing any one other than me to discipline him. I heard Paul raise his voice one time and that was the end of that, I pitched such a fit that for a minute I thought this marriage is over. But in time Paul learned that badgering me was the same as yelling at Matthew. He would start and carry on for days until finally I would put my foot down and take the disciplined roll and try and control my son. As I said this was a tough year the beginning of allot of things. Matt and I would be on our way home one night after picking him up from my moms after work and school and my use to be sweet little boy would be talking to me worse than I could have ever dreamed and using words that were blowing me completely away; but when he finally got the nerve and took a swing at me that was the final end. I pulled over on the side of the road and turned and looked at him and when I saw the anger in his eyes I knew it was going to hurt. But I love him so much my mind was screaming how could he possibly be talking to me like this and saying these awful words but then I felt his hand as he fit me right in the face and I grabbed this boy my son and did what any mom / dad would have done I beat the living s___t out of him. I drug him out of my truck busted his lip blacked his eye it was the worst that had ever happened between Matt and I. It hurt me so bad I couldn't believe what I had just done. But we got back in my truck and drove on home when we got there both of us was crying and Matt who was probably in shock knocked on the front door until Paul opened it up and he saw the total mess the two of us was in he just turned and walked away, Matt went straight into his room and me into mine I remember crying the entire night and the next day. But before Matt and I left that morning for school the sweet little boy I remember came walking into my room with tears in his eyes he wrapped his arms around my neck and told me mom I'm so sorry want you please forgive me. I just cried and hugged him and we told each other that we would never do anything like that again. Nothing ever that serious happened between us again he never took another swing at me ever again. The two of us would laugh about this day for a long time. Of course it wasn't the end of his teenage rebellious attitude. See Matt was the coolest of the cool, he could stand flat footed look you straight in the eye and tell you the sweetest lie you ever wanted to hear, and me I just loved him so much that I wanted so badly to believe. Paul on the other hand saw right straight through him, and would immedialty start nagging me until I would break and put the rules down on Matt. This went on and on for what seemed like eternity. I wasn't sure how much more I could take. Then the day came when I finally realized my son was just a normal kid trying to get away with all that he could. I could never say anything like my kid will never, or forget about judging other peoples kids because if it could be done Matt did it first. Baseball was fun this year we decided to get away from all the political teams and went to West Coweta were we thought we knew no one and play. Matt as always did very well this year, but the league was nothing like we had played before it was like backyard baseball with no rules, but we did have allot of fun. Matt had to attend summer school this year so that he didn't have to repeat the seventh grade, little did we know this was the beginning of a trend that would follow him until the very end. Matt as always made allot of new friends this year with his new smart little attitude and all. I even took him to pick a girl a couple of times which for me was weird. Watching my son grow up was breath taking, though my family accused me of only being able to see him as a baby. This drove Paul insane he would tell me almost every day “that boy is not a baby stop acting as if he is. I couldn’t quite understand what everyone’s deal was to me he would always be my baby.


I meet Paul this year and he and Matt seem to really get alone. He is a little jealous but mainly because it has been just me him and sister for so long. Like he sits in his room and orders me around just so that Paul can see that it's really all about him. To me it's silly so I just go alone and wait on him it's truly all I've ever done. This would be the year my baby would decide to no longer sleep with me and go it alone. It really made me sad to not have him so close to me, but I still have to go scratch his back until he falls asleep. He really grew allot this year and is finally taller than me. My tiny little boy isn't so tiny any more. Paul would buy Matt the 4-wheeler of his dreams this year a yellow Honda, I do believe this is the happiest I have ever seen him. He opened all of the boxes that were stacked together until he finally got to the key and when he saw that Honda key he literally flew around Paul's neck smiling like I had never seen him before. This was a great Christmas for my son. Finally it seemed me and my kids would be happy and as normal as the next family. See this was Matt's biggest dream he would always tell Paul and me he just wants to be normal like all the other kids. Matt did okay in school this year and made a few more friends. Still loving to skate and of course he plays baseball; our little town would open a bowling alley and movie theater that would be just another place for him and his friends to hang. Paul and I decided to send Matt to baseball camp this summer to get some training from the professionals. He told his friend Will about it who as well decided to go, but as soon as they got there Matt was on the phone begging me to come and get him. Paul who paid for this camp told me Carol you make him stay it will be good for him. So against my will I forced him to stay, didn't stop Matt from trying he even went as far as acting as if he had lost his glove but I just bought him another one and took it to him instead. He ended up having a great time and learned so much during this camp my spoiled little baby was for the first time having to act like a young man. They had a strict schedule that they had to follow and this was something Matt knew nothing about until now. Paul has 4 kids 3 boys and 1 daughter and Matt seems to be adjusting better than all our kids. Sharing and having other kids around doesn’t seem to bother him at all, as a matter of fact he seems to enjoy it I guess its all part of his need for normal. Jennifer is off to live in her first apartment which her brother seems to be at quite a bite. Jennifer seems to be holding on to him tighter than ever I guess the whole on your on thing is just a little scary. But that's okay with him he has nothing but love for her plus he thinks he is so cool and grown getting to hang out at his sisters apartment. I’m really having to stress to her that no your brother can’t move in, and he can’t stay with you every day. Not to mention she lives right behind the bowling alley and the movie theater. Though as soon as she moved he was the first to claim her room and in went his things immedialty at first it made her a little mad but with time it just became Matt's room Jenn's old room.  He would get so mad when she would come to stay the night and stay in his room he would tell her just because this use to be your room doesn't mean you can come here and just stay in my room. Though come morning you would find the two of them asleep together in his new and her old room.


Matt moved into the 6th grade and a new school, Madras Middle School. Here he made even more friends, some which would remain his friend even to this day. This would be the year our little town would build a skating rink and from Friday evening to Saturday night at 11:00pm Matt would be there. He loved the skating rink he loved meeting his friends there. I watched him skate allot through out his life and as usual with Matt he would amaze me at how good he was at the things he loved. He continued on with his baseball this year frustrated by the fact he could not like many of his friends hit the ball over the fence he still got plenty of homeruns but they were from his speed and not his strength as far as Matt was concerned these just were not the same. I'm not sure I really understood because he rarely ever made and out and the kids that hit the home runs seem to make allot of outs. But being that I'm just a mom what would I know. Me and both my kids would have a great year this year spending almost all of our time together just the three of us. Jennifer had gotten into showing cars and Matt really enjoyed being involved he thought his sister was so cool. She would allow him and his friends to go just about anywhere with her and he loved this. Most of the teenagers in our little town the same as when I was a teenager hung out in the local McDonalds / Kmart parking lot and on occasion Jennifer would pick Matt up from the skating rink and allow him to go hang out with her there this made him feel so large. I've heard him bragging to so many of his friends about how oh I was at the parking lot last night with Jenn's friends as if he was grown. I couldn't help but laugh inside at how silly he was, being cool was so important to him. He seemed to become really popular in school and this would also be the year he started really noticing and liking the girls, and they seemed to notice and like him too. Jennifer and I would laugh so hard when we were alone because Matt to us was a baby and the thought of him being cool, liking girls, and all that just seemed so funny. Matt also due to always being around his sister and her friends (girls) really learned to dance well this year. I remember the first time I saw him dancing in his sisters room I was totally blown away, I said Matt who thought you to move that way; he and Jennifer laughed at me and said come on Mom who do you think. He really seemed to bloom this year his shyness really began to fade. Jennifer's friends were so astonished that this little kid could dance like this that they would at times pull there cars together at the parking lot and pay him to dance on their hoods. Matt loved this to him it was being the ultimate cool. It seemed no matter where you were Matt knew someone, his sister being 7 years older than him and him knowing all of her friends as well as his broaden his little people skills to the point that he would talk to every one. This was a little weird for me in the beginning because Matt had always seemed so shy, but not now not even a little. I believe we actually made it through this year without a major injury except for his tonsils he had those removed. He and Jennifer both had their tonsils removed it nearly killed Jennifer but Matt it didn’t slow him down for one minute. Thinking back on it all and the daily adventours of life with this sweet little boy it seems I knew from the begining he was special and that I was blessed.   He always filled my life with so much love, joy and happiness.  I thank God each and every day for these blessed memories.


We are repeating the 5th grade but it doesn't seem to be such a bad thing. He's also going to Sullivan learning center to help him with his reading. He's still such a silly little boy and Alex because he didn't want to be separated from Matt failed to. These two boys are together every day. I feel like I have two sons most of the time, no! all of the time. They're really sweet  so I really don't mind. Matt's doing really well in baseball he just gets better with each year, even Alex played this year. Matt got a go-kart for his birthday yellow with black roll pads; he keeps it at my mom's since he goes there every day after school. Since I have to work Matt goes to school in my mom's district so that he can just ride the bus to her house instead of day care. This year I would finally take my kids back to their home and Matt is so much happier there. The first day back we found a huge king snake living in our pantry it nearly scared me to death, but Matt and Alex had so much fun torturing it to death in the end it was funny, just another silly memory of my son and how he saved so many of my days. We didn't have very much back in these days being a single mother was quite touch, but it never seemed to bother Matt he was always pretty much satisfied just being with me and hanging out with his sister. Jennifer took Matt and Alex every where with her; they thought they were so cool always getting to hang out with the older kids. For me it was just sweet having my kids so close to me. I guess it pretty obvious my entire world has always revolved around the two of them. Oh yea about our yearly injury. Matt while at his Nana’s climbed from the fence around the pool to the roof of a small building his poppy had then jumped off and fractured his ankle. I meet his nana at the emergency room where they placed him in an ankle boot that he had to wear for about a month. While playing baseball he always had to ware high top cleats to keep from turning his ankles, see Matt was the worlds greatest at getting injured. Especially when thing aren’t going his way, this is his guaranteed escape from any situation. He is a smart boy; to under estimate him is for you to be stupid.


Fifth Grade would be the first grade that he would fell. But this year was really a touch year for Matt his Mom and Dad separated and for about 6 months he would even be separated from his sister. He would start out the beginning of school in a different town, though he made friends really fast it just wasn't the same as being at home. So as soon as Christmas passed we packed and moved back to our same old town not our house but our same town. And to Matt’s surprise our new home is located directly behind the local batting cage. This for him was great. His dad would decide for what ever reason not to coach Matt in baseball this year so for the first time in baseball he would be picked by a coach in the draft. He was so nervous the day of tryouts but as usual he did great and was actually a first round draft pick. This made him quite happy and me too. He would get his first real motorcycle for his birthday this year, full body guard and boots to he looks so cute riding that little dirt bike around. He's really into riding regular bikes as well he has a dyno, and a diamond back if anyone remembers what they are? I just remember his words they were the best bikes ever and he had to have them. He also loved to skate, roller blade and he's pretty good on the skate board as well. Of course don't let me leave this year with out telling you about the yearly injury because you know he had one. Well this one would occur in the afternoon while playing baseball in the back yard with the neighbor hood kids. One of the boys slung a bat which caught Matt right at the top of his hairline and forehead. All I remember is Matt running inside and me seeing his entire face covered in blood. I screamed for his sister grabbed Matt and without really knowing anything at all we climbed into the car and raced off to the emergency room. There he would get about 12 to 13 stitches across his forehead which did leave a tiny scar. And he did make the All-Star team this year in baseball as well.


Now in the 4th grade, things start to disappear because Matthew has discovered his talent for trading and selling. This boy to my disbelief will come home with pocket TV's, radio, games and that’s just to mention a few. But it was everyone’s things in our house that he was trading and selling to get these things. When I first started noticing I was in such shock it made me remember a conversation I had had with my mother when Matt was just 2 or 3 she called me on the phone one day to tell me how she believed my baby was going to grow up to be a con-artist, I said mother I can't believe you would say that about him; and why? She would proceed to say he can convince me of anything, even if I know it's not so. The two us just laughed because I then had to admit to her he had the same power over me. I really began to worry about his new infatuation with trading and selling things and not to mention it wasn't even his things he was trading but mine his dads and his sister’s things. So I picked him up from school and we went for a drive so that he and I could discuss this what I thought was becoming a scary problem. When ever Matt thought he was in trouble he would cry until I felt so bad for making him cry that I would forget about what he was in trouble for. Now tell me this isn't a great talent for such a little boy. But regardless I finally got somewhat through to him and this trading and selling thing finally slowed down or maybe we just ran out of things I don't exactly remember which it was I was just Thankful it ended before parents started calling me with regards to there missing stuff. His sister now 16 picks Matt up under his arms and slams him out side of her door to get him out of her room like the Flintstones with Fred and the Saber Tooth Lion. But right back in he goes he thinks she is the coolest of the cool. He sticks right in under her taking in all that he hears. I guess he has the same effect on her because she always ends up giving in and right beside her he is. It's really sweet seeing my children with such and age gap really close and loving. But these two would be inseparable there entire lives. How Blessed is that! Matt still plays baseball I guess he always will and of course he makes the All-Star team again this year.


Baseball and more Baseball is all he does. He mostly plays 2nd base now and he's very good. Now we've moved on and in the 3rd grade.  While sitting at work one day my phone would ring and on the other end would be Matt's principle Mr. Jennings who calmly tells me that Matt has gotten into a bit of trouble and I will need to come in. So worried as I can be off to school I go to find my sweet little boy slumped down into a chair in the principles office I could tell he was about to cry as soon as I walked in so I tried not to look directly at him until I could find out what happened here. Mr. Jennings proceeded to tell that Matt had been caught with a knife while showing it to his friends; well immediately I was scared in fear of what knife see Matt loved knifes and was forever talking his mammaw into taking him to the local pawn shop where she would like give in to his pleases and buy him knifes. I know this most sound strange but the men in my family where knife, gun you know hunting kind of men. My dad collects knifes so I wasn't really surprised when Matt became infatuation with them as well but he for sure know better than to bring one to school. Then Mr. Jennings pulled out this little red Swiss army knife you know the ones that have scissors and tweezers a bottle opener and I don't remember what else well when Matt was asked why he brought this knife to school Matt told his principle he forgot to take it out of his book bag this morning before coming to school that he had been camping with his mom the night before. Well as Mr. Jennings is telling me the story Matt began to cry; and I felt so sorry of what he was going through. I must be crazy because I wasn't even mad I felt sorrier for him having to sit there in that big chair and be talked about as if he wasn't there. So I assured Mr. Jennings that it would not happen again he expelled Matt from school for 2 days and we left. But as soon as we got to the school doors my baby as he did when he was up set leaped in my arms legs around my waist and head on my shoulder and tears ever flowing down his face. Of course I had the talk about knifes weapons and school and then he was alright. I had learned early on the signs of Matts behavior when you could hear him everything was alright but if silence fell you best be on your feet investigating what he was into. One evening while Matt was playing in his room the silence fell so off I went to find out what he now was into and found him under his bed. When I ask him what he was doing he said nothing but I heard that little uneasy sound in his voice so I made him come out and I noticed immediately he was avoiding any eye contact with me so I made him stand up and look at me, and to my surprise he could not close his eyes so I started freaking out demanding he tell what was wrong and then he pointed to a small tube of glue laying on the floor. Super Glue of all things he had squirted super glue and it had shoot straight in his eyes and he had taken his eye lashes and press them open afraid they would be glued shut; which for the record it’s better for them to be glued shut than open when their glued open the eye gets no oxygen. So here we go I grab him and his sister and to the emergency room we go where they have to with a solution and pressure wash his eyes to remove all the glue. It’s just another emotional day in life of my curious son Matthew, and the things he can get into. And he does again make the All-Star team. Oh yea just for the record he still wears nothing but baseball uniforms there his entire wardrobe.


Now in second grade and playing in the 7 & 8 year old league and he seems to be doing well in both. This would be the year he breaks his finger during a game and I watch as they tape my crying baby fingers together so that he can finish this stupid game. But you see Matt has learned at even this early of age that no one feels his pain like I do. So when he deals with his dad he's mister big man I want to play, but with me he cries tears and then I play the role to protect him. As soon as the game ends we're off to the emergency room x-rayed and told yea his finger is broken. Of course his fingers are so little there isn't much they can do but wrap tape around it. I think I forgot to tell the part about when he does make and out "oh my" it breaks his heart; see he doesn't get out very often but if he does I have to be waiting at the field gate because eyes shut tears flowing he runs as fast as he can and as soon as he get to the gate he's airborne legs around my waist head on my shoulder crying as hard as he can. Yea so what if I baby him, he's my baby. Our next broken bone would be his nose when Seth Tarpley pops up the ball and it hits Matt Right Square on the nose. Off we go the emergency room where he's x-rayed and were told yea he has a broken nose. Nothing seems to slow him down though he's up tomorrow and right back at it again. He's such a loving sweet baby the smallest in his class since his birthday is in July he also usually the youngest. This is when Matt starts to really notice his size compared to allot of the other boys and decides his shoes are too small that he needs a bigger size. Not to mention Matt has a thing about shoes, I believe he picked this one up from his sister and then perfected it. He wants all the coolest shoes and allot of them. See he doesn't ware them once their dirty and he has to always match. Except now when I'm having his foot measured he argues there killing him and he needs them bigger. I guess he now figures that if he has bigger feet then he'll be bigger, I don't know what he's thinking accept he wants to be bigger. I look down one day and the boy’s shoes are bigger than he is tall. Of course I didn't laugh where he could see me because this whole size thing is really starting to be and issue with him. I pick him up from my mothers after work one evening and he looks so sad, when I ask him what is wrong he lays over on my shoulder and says mom am I a midget, I almost lost it but decided it's a serious talk we need to have. So I explained to him that he was younger than most of the boys in his class and that he would have his day when he would grow and be as tall as every body else and he did it just took him a little longer than he wanted. And of course he make the All-Star team again. 


He's still all about baseball all the way down to his clothes. But now in the first grade. One day on our way home he would tell me mom all the teachers at school call me the money man. When I ask him why he says I don't know that's just what they call me. Then one day I get a letter from his school stating I owe money for about 30 days of school lunch. I was so shocked I picked up the phone called his school and proceeded to tell them of their mistake. You see I write a check each Monday morning for the entire weeks lunch. They ask me to bring in copies of these checks and the next day I do. It only takes a moment once the school sees my check before it is discovered that Matt, being the very bright child he is has been going to the school store each week and cashing his check and there he would buy the cool pencils, notebooks etc. and the change he would throw into the bottom of his book bag. Which when you shock it, it jingled from all the lose change; and still he would eat; he learned he could just charge his lunch while going through the line. Me and his teacher had the greatest laugh that day where she admitted she called my baby the money man because he always had money to spend. Needless to say he was no longer allowed to cash his lunch check at the school store, but he could always come up with a great reason to get extra money for spending there. Matt had his way of always working me and winning. He got the chicken pox this year and broke out all over right in the middle of his baseball season. He missed a couple of practices but played in the game anyway, because I couldn’t bear to see him cry when I told him he couldn’t play and he was no longer running a fever. So I dotted him all over with calamine lotion and off he went to play.


Now all he does is play baseball every single day. And all he will wear is baseball clothes no matter what you say. In stead of being like most mothers I have to buy Matt's clothes at the local sporting good store. He has every color baseball pants and socks now that they make. Keep in mind he starts kindergarden this year and refuses to ware regular clothes. He even at times will sneak his cleats into his book bag and change shoes once he was at school. I can only imagine what the teachers thought about me. Our front yard became his imaginary baseball field he could play with friends or all by himself. He had a tee-ball stand he could be the batter and the picture at the same time. He would talk to himself and have and entire game with only him playing. It was the sweetest thing to watch him play. His sister use to make fun of him but he didn't care he just wanted to play baseball. His home plate was at our front steps where he would slide into home like the major league guys did. He would eventually ware into the ground this huge whole that became nothing but mud each time it rained. And of course he made the All-Star team again this year by now I guess it's pretty easy to visualize his talent for this sport. He would also come home from school this year and inform us of his plan to attend the yearly lip singing contest that is held each year at the school he attends. We were all shocked to hear this news he has always been so shy. His Nana would go and buy him a bright red bass along with a fender amp, his sister would dress him in total black and he would borrow a choker from his uncle skip that as well played the bass in a local band. He chose to lip sing a song by Phil Collins called the way I walk. He stood on that stage with that bass and danced and pretended to sing it was the cutest thing I think I ever saw. At the end he would win 3rd place and be the only kindergarden student to even place. I luckily have this sweet day on video.


This sweet boy loves to play. Though he seems to get a new boo-boo everyday. One evening while giving him a bath I felt a small knot on the back of his head very close to his neck. His dad and I carried him to the doctor the very next day. And from there we experienced our first trip to the hospital day surgery where Matt would have to put to sleep. I remember being so afraid but the procedure went well and the results even better when it was discovered to only be a small cyst. The doctor removed it and Matt received his first but not last set of stitches. He was wheeled into the recovery room holding his blankey and eating a pop sickle and smiling. Once the stitches were removed only the scar remained. His hair to this day never grew over where his scar was. This would also he his first year playing little league. His dad after serious thought decided to couch his team. This year our life would be forever changed. It didn't take Matt long to realize his dad's expectation of him playing ball. His dad would place him with glove along side the house and with a bucket of balls tiny little Matt would after being hit several times realize it was better to catch the ball. He became better and better with each passing day. He wasn't big enough to hit over the fence but he was fast enough to probably score more in the park home runs than any kid in his league. He did for sure have the best glove any one had ever seen. He could catch anything hit his way, or within running distance that he could make. He even made the All-Star team that year; where they would win the State Champion Ship that year after Matt would from the circle make the winning catch to end the game in there favor. It was amazing watching this tiny little kid have so much talent.


Matt got his first battery powered jeep, he's so small for his age he can't even drive it because his legs are to short and his feet want reach the peddles. No longer in his baby bed and forget sleeping in his room he's right next to me hair in one hand, blankey in the other. I guess you know its pretty okay with me. Everyone in my family now gives me grief over how spoiled he is and how attached he is to me. He loves his momma and his sister and by now it's pretty obvious how much we love him. Jennifer isn't doing such a bad job spoiling him either she will play anything he ask her to. They are so funny she loves to give him wedgies and it makes him so mad. Then she say's Matt I'm sorry if you'll scratch my feet I'll let you sleep with me. So occasionally he gets sucked into doing favors for his sister just so that he can feel like a big boy and sleep in her bed. Then comes Neesa our first family dog a female Rot wielder, she's 6 weeks old but so sweet. Matt and Jennifer teach her everything from playing soccer to hide n seek where ever they are she is. She's even learned that Matt isn't to get near the street; she will grab him by his pants and drag him down the little hill in our front yard. Makes him laugh so hard. I'm at work and Matt's at my mom's when I receive the call that Matt has taken a peg of his sisters jewel peg board and put it up his nose, my mom tells me she and my dad have been trying to get the peg but it want come out, so I call his dad and we're both off to meet her at the emergency room. Matt is so frightened he isn't hardly saying a word and then the doctor comes in and of course Matt want let him do anything, so the decision is made to strap him down onto this board with Velcro straps run a balloon down into the peg in his nose and pop it out but as the doctor is doing this Matt wiggles his little hand out of the straps and pinches the doctor on his hand with tears flowing down both our eyes he screams at the doctor I DON"T LIKE YOU AT ALL!!! and pop the peg is out. I remember this being and emotional day for all of us me his dad and his sister and of course him. Me and Jennifer we can't do anything but love on this boy he's so sweet and loving and affectionate. This boy is spoiled.


I wrote in his baby book this sweet loving always kissing his momma boy is so full of energy. His sister now singing a different tune screams mom get him out of my room. He's into every thing and forget thinking that he will nap from the time his feet hit the floor until you force him to bed he's exploring, digging, destroying, giggling, playing, singing, climbing so believe me when I tell you, you best not turn your head. Matt unlike his sister didn't go to daycare when I returned to work but to his mammaw's my mother decided to keep him she didn't want him always getting sick. See Matthew was the only grandson on my side of the family so everyone spoiled him unbelievably. This was also around the time car seats were really being enforced, and for me a quick way to get a daily ticket. I can remember buckling him in barely getting out of my parents driveway and being pulled over and ticketed because Matt would be standing in the back seat waving at the police. There was nothing I could do to stop him it didn't matter what kind of seat I bought several he was smart and would figure out how to unbuckle them all. When you get on to him he holds his breath clenches his fist until his face turns completely red, it use to scare me to death, but not his sister she would just say mom he's doing it again.


In his baby book I describe him as terrific. Takes his best naps lying on his dad and loves to laugh at his sister. Due to allergies he quite taking the bottle at 6 months old and refused to eat baby food at all. So we mashed up regular food and he drank from a cup. Already saying small words like momma, daddy, yes and no and of course sissy. He can pull himself up in his baby bed, sit up all by himself and crawl everywhere. From the very beginning of life he was never still. I had gotten at my baby shower a pair of white and blue cradle Nikes that it took him until he was 8 months old before his little foot would grow into them, see my baby was tiny but fast. Only a couple of weeks after he would make his first steps, and by his ninth month he could literally run. Keeping up with Matt was a daily challenge, by the time he was a year old he discovered he was a great climber and he would climb everything. He would hide from me and his sister and then call our name sometimes it would take us both to find him. He would climb into the cabinets, on top of the furniture under the beds places you never dreamed he could reach.  Instead of sucking his thumb or a pacifer his security was twirling my hair and a blanket called his blankey.

July 5, 1987

Matthew came into this world on a Sunday, July 5, 1987 at 4:04 am. He weighed 7pds 7.6oz and was 20 inches long. He was perfect in every way. From the first moment I saw him he filled my life with love and joy. I was sure he was going to be borne on 4th when my labor started around 6pm. Now when I think back the pain though very different was as severe giving birth to him as it has been losing him. His sister who was 7 years old couldn't keep her hands off of him. She couldn't wait to tell all her friends she had gotten the little brother she had asked for. Even though there was 7 years between them the connection from the beginning would forever be strong.

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