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(4) YEARS WITH OUT YOU  / Mom   Read >>

Four years ago today my world came to a screeching hault with words so painful that I can not describe. I could not then and I can not now begin to comprehend how time can continue to move forward without the life of my beautiful son.  He was life there was such a power that seemed to surround him.  His presence warmed me from the inside out.  His smile his eyes the sweetness of his heart the silly sounds of his laughter are just a few of the things that I miss so badly. I thank "God" every day for the blessing of his life and for choosing me to be his mother.  Yesterday while traveling to and from work I counted over 12 of those extremely tiny little BMW Z3's and each one I saw was like being shot over and over until the pain was over whelming.  By the time I made it to the cemetery I was actually sick.  I got down on my knees and I begged my son to forgive me that I did not call his dad (or at least that's what he called him too bad he didn't act as if he were a real dad) and demand he come and remove that freaking piece of shit nothing of a car that while at the funeral home having to pick out a casket for my son said would take a curve running 130 mph.  Who in there right mind call them self a dad and then puts their child their (19) year old son in a car that runs that fast let a lone a car that goes that fast and is that small and weights that little with nothing but cloth to cover his precious head.  Matthew airborned that car so high that he took out the top of trees my baby never had a chance his fate was sealed the moment he was given those keys.  There is a hole inside my heart one that will never heal and though I have come to terms with what is left of my life I will never get over that my son did not have to die....  Matthew I love you so much not a minute goes by that I do not think of you.  Your "FAMILY" HANNAH & SCOTT miss you more with each passing day.

Don't be scared

I know actually where you are!

There is a piece of me and it burns inside your heart!


I love you Matthew Mullis!




Thinking of you today  / Nancy Thomason (gp member - Matthew's Mom )  Read >>
Thinking of you today  / Nancy Thomason (gp member - Matthew's Mom )

My thoughts and prayers are with you today on Matthew's memorial day. I know how ard these days are. The years keep passing but sometimes I feel frozen in time. You have created such a wonderful memorial site for your sweet Matthew. I love to look at his pictures and see that sweet smile and that misheivous spark in his eyes. That must be a Matthew thing because my Matthew had it too!  I hope that you feel your precious son close to you today and always.

Love and peace to Matthew and to everyone who loves and misses him

  Nancy Mother of another angel named Matthew

A beautiful site  / Tammy Blocker (mother to Thomas Ray Blocker )  Read >>
A beautiful site  / Tammy Blocker (mother to Thomas Ray Blocker )
My name is Tammy Blocker my son Thomas "Ray" Blocker passed away in April 2006. He too was in an accident. I was looking thru his candles today and seen where you had light a candle for my son. I just wanted to stop by Matthew's page and take a look. Carol his site is awesome. I wish I knew how to do all them things!! You are wonderful and I know your pain. God needed our boy's and only now 4 1/2 yrs. later can I even entertain the idea that he must have needed them more. Just wanted to say Matthew was a beautiful person and I know of the hole that is now in your heart. Thank you for stopping by Ray's site and maybe in the future I can make Ray's site as wonderful as Matthew's. My heart knows your pain....Bonded Mother's in grief........ Close
Matt, I have to tell you a story  / Sam Gentry   Read >>
Matt, I have to tell you a story  / Sam Gentry

I'm know that you already know this...but I wanted to post it so others can read it and realize what an incredible young man you are and what an incredible young man my son is.  BTW it's obvious to your mom and me that you and Wyatt have met up. You both sound like two peas in a pod! Lol. So here it goes...


What is going on?? I came for a visit today....first time in a while. As I was talking to you the normal 1 or 2 walkers were making their laps. Then this lady on her second lap around the gardens saw me pick up the blue stuffed animal.... the bear or maybe it's a rabbit I think. Oh heck I don't know. As I was placing it back in the flowers she veered off of the road and came straight for me. I was thinking crap lady just leave me alone! "Is this your baby" she said? I replied with well yes this is Wyatt’s my youngest son.... 14 going on 15. She immediately said "I know your pain and what you're going through." I responded with "really"! Yep my son died 4 years ago in a car accident off of Hwy 34. He's 19 years old and his name is Matt Mullis. We went on to talk about you boys and how you incredibly impacted so many people while you were with us. She walked away shortly there after. She comes there everyday to walk and talk with Matt. Soon after I got in the car to leave and as I was rounding the corner I saw her getting in her car. She waved me down and showed me where Matt is laid to rest. Interesting our conversation about you boys.... more interesting is you both have memorials that show live pictures of you beaming from ear to ear with smiles. Oh and both of you are sooooo...good looking! Hair good teeth and full smiles. Matt loves music and guitar too but you already knew that didn't you? Sounds like he is as much of a card as you....sounds like both of you love being the life of the party the center of the crowd’s attention but with love and compassion for all those around you! So as we talked we both realized that this meeting couldn't have been by happen-stance. So...... Did you and Matt orchestrate this? Did you two knuckle heads know that Matt's mom and I were going to be there at the same time? Hmmmm.....I wonder! The fact is we talked about you... we said your names over and over....and we bragged about how wonderful you both are and how you've impacted so many family friends and folks in this community. He loved to My loved to Face Book. Lol. My visit with you started out heart broken and painful. When I left I was beaming with a smile from ear to ear. Thank you son and thank God for allowing me to meet Matt's mom and learn what kind of awesome young man he is! Now you boys have fun roaming the endlessness of heaven....I bet you talk about us too Hugh? Today was a moment in time... today was a memory to hold on to... today was a blessing... today makes me look forward to seeing you again... today gave me hope and a desire to "Push on press forward"! What an awesome and amazing evening! I love you son....and I'll be seeing you soon!!! ---- Dad/ Fashia

Matt show Wyatt the miracles and incredible powers hugh? But keep him from getting into trouble. Thank you Matt...thank you for means more than you can imagine. Close
The Third Year  / Carol Matthew's Momma   Read >>
The Third Year  / Carol Matthew's Momma

Three years have now past and it feels like one day.  My heart aches with a depth of pain that no words can describe. My life is still as shattered as the moment I was told my son had died.  I go through the days and nights still praying for my son to come home praying it isn't true.  I still wake up and run to his room praying that somehow he will be there.  All of his things are still in there place just the way he left them that November morning. I know how much he loved me and I know how angry he would be at me for all the tears that I cry but I can not help nor stop this pain of having to face this world without him.  He is apart of me he grew inside of me for nine months I felt his every move it was me that brought him into this world I was the first person to see this beautiful baby boy the first to hold him and the first to kiss him and for ninteen years four months and six days we were bound by unconditional love.  And when ever I feel I can not go on I curl up on his bed and I lay on his pillow and I read the many sweet letters that he wrote to me over the years that line after line say mom I love you.  It seems he hide them for me every where and over the last three years they have appeared at sweetest moments my mom found the last one on his birthday tucked away in her china cabinet in a glass it was two + pages long and every line said I love you mom.  I know he is in Heaven and I know he still surrounds me with his love but for a mom who's children are her world having to face life without one makes survival at best hell on earth....

Matthew I love you and I miss you more with every breath that I take.  Please forgive me that I can not go forward today without you here with me.  I know how bad it hurt for you to ever see me cry and I know you did not on purpose leave me and yes I do still feel you all around me and I know you do all that you can to protect me.  But as your mother I miss the sweetness of your smile and the beauty in the sparkle of your eyes and I miss your hugs so badly and I ache to hear your voice and for these reasons I so despartly can not help but cry. 


Love your


Tears for you  / Jane Bunday (None)  Read >>
Tears for you  / Jane Bunday (None)

I don't know your family and I have not experienced the one thing that all Mom's are terrified of - saying so long to their child. I wish I knew you because I would be there to hold your hand every day and let you scream out in pain and utter anguish. You have my e-mail and when you can't take it any more contact me. I will listen. I can't fix a damn thing but I will listen.

God help all of you.

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