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Condolenses / Don   Read >>
Condolenses / Don
Good Evening
I do not know this family but I was touched by their story. Mei God help heal everyone involved and may warm memories comfort in times of sadness.


Don Close
Grief and Missing You  / Mom   Read >>
Grief and Missing You  / Mom

Dear Matthew,

I wish there were words that I could write to express the pain and loss I feel having to live with out you. . . I went to a wedding last night and I watched families with their children. I watched mothers and fathers get to enjoy seeing their children enter into a new phase in life. It was hard reality for me for my heart as I yearn for my son, the son that once consumed my life. And once again I found my self to be alone, alone in my thoughts and alone with my pain and alone in this world. I wonder often what we would be doing now if you were here. Would you your self be pursuing marriage, would you be in school and the hard reality is I will never know the answer. My beautiful son the light of my heart; I miss you so very much. Your death has broken me completely. There are times that I struggle to breathe and there are times I just don't believe that death could have stolen you from me. And I ask my self why; why my son? Did God not know how deeply I loved and needed you? Did he not see within me all that I felt for you... you walked into a room and love over flowed from with in me. You gave me purpose in this world you were my security with you at my side I was invincible there was nothing I was afraid of, nothing I could not over come. Now I fear every waking day. I wonder what will become of me and will there be any one that will truly care, certainly not with the depth that you did and I am so very fearful of that.

The out side world does not understand; the non grieving are in capable of even caring. They do not know the bareness of life the struggle to merely exist. They do not know pain.... and for some insane reason we don't have the strength or the knowledge to share it. Even though our insides are desperately wishing we could give a little of it to every single non-grieving person alive.

And at the end of every day it all comes down to one fact and that is "I miss my son my baby" and I just want him back.......

Matthew I will love you and I will miss you for the rest of my days...

Forever my love,


Remembering Matthew on his birthday  / Nancy Thomason (gp friend )  Read >>
Remembering Matthew on his birthday  / Nancy Thomason (gp friend )
Dear Carol, my thoughts and prayers are with you as Matthew's birthday approaches. As amazing as it is for our angels to spend birthday in Heaven, our hearts are still so empty without them here with us. I pray that all your wonderful memories of past birthdays will help you find some peace on Matthew's birthday. With love and compassion, Nancy, mother of another angel named Matthew Close
Condolences to my GP friend Carol  / Pat Parker (GP Mom Friend of Matthew's Mom Carol )  Read >>
Condolences to my GP friend Carol  / Pat Parker (GP Mom Friend of Matthew's Mom Carol )
Dear Carol,  I just visited the Website You have created with so much Love from Your Mom Heart for Your Sweet Boy Matthew.  What a Wonderful Young Man and Son Matthew was and is in Heaven. My heart aches for You at the Loss of Your Sweet Son Matthew. How proud of Him you must be. I am sure Matthew has become a Friend to my Sons, Brian and Tim in Heaven, as we have become friends through the GP Group.  Thank you for visiting Brian and Tim's Website too. Sending Lots of Hugs to You and Your Sweet Son Matthew ((((((((Carol & Matthew)))))))) Thank You for sharing Matthew's Wonderful Website with me. Love and Prayers, Pat, Mom of Brian and Tim in Heaven (with Your Sweet Son Matthew) and Sean on Earth. Close
What An Amazing Son!  / Sandy N.   Read >>
What An Amazing Son!  / Sandy N.

For the past hour, I have been scrolling through this beautiful memorial website you have created for your handsome and amazing son.  While I never knew Matthew, I feel like I do now.  Thank you, Carol, for sharing him with the rest of us. 

The stories you have told here are an inspiration to others.  The white doves you have seen at such meaningful moments are clearly a sign of Matt's life continuing on the other side of the veil.  God has sent those as a comfort, and my guess is that Matt has asked Him to do that for the ones he so dearly loves.  His little niece recognizing butterflies as gifts from her uncle Matt is beyond precious.  Children have eyes to see things we adults miss entirely.  I don't doubt that she feels her uncle Matt's presence in a very profound way considering the love he had for her.

From what you have written at this website, it is evident the love you and your son shared with one another.  Your connection with him was extraordinary, so your pain is also extraordinary.  I am so sorry for all that you have had to suffer as a result of his untimely death.  A love like yours should have been enjoyed here on this earth for many more decades.  Our only hope is in the Lord and the promise we have of sharing eternity with the ones we have loved and lost as a result of the death of God's one and only son.  One day, you and Matt will be together again, just as you were meant to be.  Until then, the pain of separation will always be there.

The pain you are feeling is all too familiar. Just 48 days before Matt died in his car accident, my son Jacob died in a car accident.  Jacob was a freshman at the University of Georgia.  He had been home for the weekend and was on his way back to campus when a heavy rainstorm hit.  His car hydroplaned into oncoming traffic. 

Both Matt and Jacob were taken in the prime of their lives-just as they had grown wings and were ready to really fly.  We just didn't know that the wings we were giving them were going to be used in Heaven, not here on earth.  We will see them again one day, and they will take our hands and share with us all they have done in preparation for our arrivals.  Oh, how proud we will be of them, just as we are proud of all they accomplished here on earth!  Until then, we will live our lives in honor and remembrance of our sons.

May God continue to bless your life with sweet touches of Matt, and may we all give God the glory He deserves for being loving enough to do that.  Carol, you are in my thoughts and prayers.  I also think of your daughter, Matt's sister and the pain she has had to endure, not to mention Matt's father and step-father.

Sorry for your loss  / Shirley Borders (Someone that cares )  Read >>
Sorry for your loss  / Shirley Borders (Someone that cares )

I wanted to say that I am sorry for your loss.... The loss of a child is the worst thing that can ever happen to a mom and dad....The loss is unbearable.... You're heart is broken and there is no way to mend it....Your life is never the same....You put a smile on your face but deep down inside there is this lonely, painful feeling that no one can see, must less understand.....I can not say I feel your pain, but I can say I feel my pain.... I lost my son Oct. 23, 2006. He was 23 years of age.  I found him asleep in his bed that Sunday morning....

Thanks for sharing the memories of your son......

My prayers are with you and your family....

God Bless.........

Shirley Borders

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