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happy birthday matt  / Alyssa (Tylers sister )  Read >>
happy birthday matt  / Alyssa (Tylers sister )

Hey matt,

 Just wishing you a happy fourth of july and a happy 21st birthday. Hope my brother is helping you make it all worth your while up there. Although we all wish you were both with us here im glad u at least get to spend ur 21st with one of the biggest partiers i know. I love you guys and i hope your doing okay today and tomorrow carol. we love you and hope to hear from you. Take it easy and think of all the wonderful times u and matt spent on these two days even though i know it would be so much better if he was here in flesh. Love you so much. <333 kisses



Love you too jennifer hope all is well.

The 4th Of July Your Favorite Holiday!!!  / Mom   Read >>
The 4th Of July Your Favorite Holiday!!!  / Mom

Today is the day it really all began.  The 4th of July 1987 rolled out of bed because we had a water bed full flowtation and I was so fat that it was the only way I could get out of it.  Me and your dad went to eat lunch at Red Lobster by the time we got home I was starting to feel kinda bad so I layed down and took at nap.  I'll never forget one single moment of this day ever.  I awoke to some pretty sharp pains so I got out of bed went into the living room and told Keith I think it's time to go.  His face turned totally white and yes he started to freak.  At the time I drove a 1982 white camero gold at the bottom with T-tops that your dad bought me for my birthday the year before.  It sit so low to the ground that I use to have to hold on to the Top to lower my fat a_ _ down into the seat.  I remember every time I had a contraction your dad would start driving a little faster.  Since it was the 4th of July my regular doctor was out of town and so it was the on call doctor that delivered you.  Your dad who was scared to death spent the entire time in the delivery room waiting room instead of watching you be born.  It was just me & you baby a few nurses and a doctor.  You were so beautiful you had the most perfect round tiny head every single detail about you was perfect they laid you on top of me and I kissed your tiny nose and I cried naturally you were screaming.  I went into labor at 4:30 pm and didn't give birth to you until 4:04 am July 5th 1987.  God I love Matthew and I miss you so bad.  We have celebrated your birthday starting July 4th since you were born.  I can't tell you how bad it hurts not seeing you today,  tomorrow and the rest of my days here on this earth.  My little baby turning 21 years old God if I could only see your face.  All my love and kisses to you sweet baby.......

Love Momma 

Close / Karen Jenkins (grieving parent )  Read >> / Karen Jenkins (grieving parent )

May God bless and comfort you always.  Losing a child is

nothing short of catastrophic to our lives or what is left of our

lives.  My prayers and blessings to you and your Angel Matt.

Mothers Day  / Mom   Read >>
Mothers Day  / Mom

Another Mothers Day without my baby.  Matthew I miss you so bad.  I sat and read all the sweet letters and cards you gave me and wished so badly you were here.  I love you so much and my heart just aches so bad without you.  I still can not truly believe what has happened and that you are gone.  I know time continues to go by but yet I feel as if I have not left that morning.  Not one single day ever goes by that your momma isn't thinking about you; missing you; loving you wishing until it hurts that this just wasn't some how true. 

I love you Matt-Matt


Hey matt  / Alyssa DeVito (Tylers lil sis )  Read >>
Hey matt  / Alyssa DeVito (Tylers lil sis )

Hey matt just wishing you a happy easter. and you too carol. We miss you. Matt keep my brother company up there while being away from family on holidays. he was always a holiday kinda boy. miss youz. hope your easter was great up there with jesus. and i hope your doing good carol. havent heard from you in a while i miss youuuu call me soon okay and let me know how ya doin. Love ya woman and love ya matt!

Love alyssa



Happy Easter  / Bridget Dtr Of Allan R. Peacock (United by angels )  Read >>
Happy Easter  / Bridget Dtr Of Allan R. Peacock (United by angels )
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