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"4th Annual Ride-For-Life Walk-A-Thon"  


 "It Won't Happen to Me"

4th Annual Walk-A-Thon

Matthew We LOVE You & Miss You !!!!!


Matthew's 23rd Birthday (4th in Heaven)  

Matthew's 23rd Birthday

(4th in Heaven)

July 5th 2010

For the 4th July 5th in a roll we gathered with friends and family at the cemetery were Matthew now rest, and at our home to celebrate, share and remember the beauty of Matthew's life.  Through tears and laughter we all shared beautiful silly funny and sad memories of times and days that we will carry with us forever... Below are a few of the pictures that we took that day. A day that was once filled with laughter and excitement...

Matthew We Love & Miss You So Much !!!

Happy Birthday !



Uncle Matt-Matt we LOVE you!!!     








2009 It Won't Happen To Me" Walk in Memory of  


"We Love You Matthew" 



It Won't Happen To Me/Ride 4-Life/Walk To Remeber  

"It Won't Happen to Me" is a Non-Profit Organization that Paul and I hope to become more active with.  They work to raise awarness with not only our Teens but our Parents that Car Crashes is the number 1 killer of Teens today.  Through better education and enforcement of stricker laws we hope to reduce the number of Teen death's.  So please take a moment and visit there web site learn more about what you can do to help.  You will find Matthew as a featured teen on there page you can also make a donation by clicking on donation under Matthew's photo on there site.  "It's going to take us all to make this happen so please make a donation our children are so worth it."

2nd Annual Matthew Mullis Memorial Mud Bog  


The 2nd Annual Matthew Mullis Mud Bog!

at Broad River ATV

Matthew would be so honored to know once a year his family and friends come together and honor him in doing something he truly loved.  Any one who knew Matthew knew he loved riding in the mud.  He drove things in mud that should have never seen the mud. Below are few pictures of the event. 

To these three I give my love they have stood by my side through the hardest two years of my life. Jenn, Hannah & Scott I LOVE YOU!! Matt LOVES YOU!!!

 To every one that attended, my family, my best friend Nancy, Paul, my daughter who works so very hard to make all of these events happen Please know how much I love you.....

The Matthew Mullis Memorial Foundation  

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